The Enterprise Phone System PBX by SendHub Now on Android


2014 brings good news for Android users with a taste for business, because now SendHub’s Enterprise Phone System PBX app  is available for droids too. If you’re a business owner and you’re constantly travelling, along with your partners and colleagues, SendHub brings you the perfect tool for optimizing your communications while on the go.  SendHub provides for a FREE (very important in my book), fast and reliable way to create work phone lines for your entire team. You can use SendHub for sharing/sending text messages and voice calls among your colleagues and partners, regardless of their locations.

This cool VOIP service is targeted at mobile business workforce, for example mobile sales teams, couriers  and realtors, the key word about SendHub is mobility. If you have many mobile workers, this is the perfect solution for your company, with free unlimited calls within the system, zero installation costs and ease of use.

Basically, SendHub offers a fully mobile-hosted PBX service that makes communications easily manageable for small businesses. The best thing about SendHub is that it requires no setup, it’s all plug and play, sort of speak; you will only have to use your smartphone and the dedicated app, and you’re ready to go.


This system provides for any number of phone lines for your employees and co-workers, lines that they can use via their smartphones and tablets, giving you, the owner, full control and visibility over your communications.

Especially if you text a lot, SendHub will offer you a secure and reliable way to share files and contacts via its Group Texting feature. You can also broadcast text alert to your customers via SMS, all these cool features in one simple app.

If your business is growing fast, SendHub’s manager dashboard will help you manage your team members, to view in-depth analytics and provides you with an easy way to control costs and optimize performance for your company and customers.

Being very intuitive to use and cost effective, SendHub allows you to have full control over communication between both your clients and employees. The system is fully customizable, you can add and delete phone lines at your will, you can create and join groups, everything can be personalized at the system owner’s liberty.

To switch your com systems to SendHub takes less than a minute and it’s very easy and intuitive. You don’t have to fill paper-work(no contracts) and you require no additional hardware to install. With using one simple Android app, you will get access to all the features of the PBX Phone System, i.e. free phone lines, file and contact sharing, SMS marketing tools, free internal communications for your employees, powerful analytics and voicemail transcription, to name just a few of the goodies SendHub has to offer.

Along with these, you will get all the powerful features of a business telephone system, like call forwarding, auto attendant, call hold and the like. If you need additional help, SendHub offers excellent customer support via its numerous accounts managers standing by, ready to answer to your queries.

Using the system is easy, registration is free and simple and you don’t have to complicate your life by using your credit card; even if the lines are free, using them will require you to buy credits. All communications within SendHub’s network (for the users) are free and unlimited.


To benefit from the Enterprise Phone System PBX, all you have to do is to visit Google Play Store and download the app on your droid, install it and that’s all, in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.



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