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If you like Mobile Slots, Games and Bingo, Gala Bingo is the website for you, especially if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet. It’s a one stop mobile shop, offering you over 30 of your favorite slots and games, that are easy to find now, in one place, all together.

Using the portal is easy as pie, you will have to login with your regular username and password on your smartphone or tablet, and that’s it, you’re good to go. You will not be annoyed with QR’s, texts or downloads.

The games include the all-time favorites, such as Cleopatra, Elvis and Kitty Glitter, also the world renowned mini-games and Casino Classics, like Blackjack and Roulette, Video Poker and scratch cards.

gala bingo

To benefit from all these entertaining games, all you have to do is to visit Gala from your tablet or your mobile phone and let the fun begin.

Playing online on Gala is more fun than ever, with over 40 new games and slots, 13 bingo rooms and also the usual big money bingo promotions!  For example, you can win big with the  £200,000  weekend and the £15,000 Super Sunday

Talking about bingo rooms, you now have to choose from Interstate 75, 1980 Club if you’re an old school cat, Metropolis, Lucky Numbers and so on.

You can also find here, on Gala Bingo, your favorite slots and games. I am talking about Snow Queens Magic, Britains Got Talent Superstar, Zodiac Supernova, you name it, it’s all here!

You’ll love the buzz, definitely!

gala bingo

For the most important part, How To Play?

Well, first things first, Click For Gala Bingo and enjoy the show!

You will have to sign from your mobile phone/tablet  with the same login details as your regular online account. After that, you will have access to the 40 new games and slots (including the instant win scratchards, where all you have to do is simply rub the screen). There are daily jackpots in rooms, such as Metropolis, Castle and Country, not to mention Deal or No Deal Bingo!

With Talk Shop, a fully integrated chat function, you will be able to discuss with your friends online, while you play! You will have the opportunity to win a share of the over £2,000,000 that are paid on daily basis!

One huge advantage of using the mobile version of Gala Bingo is that your mobile balance will be in tune with your regular balance, in real time. Also, you can pre buy tickets for all the games available, 24/7, and you can play online or using the mobile App.

gala bingo

For Ipad and iPhone users, the App for is available in the Appstore. All you have to do is  visit the Appstore, search for the Gala Bingo app and download it to your smartphone.

If you’re using other types of tablets/smartphones, just visit on your smartphone or tablet and get the best of bingo, anytime anywhere! GalaBingo is supported on almost all Android running devices, Android version 2.3.4 or above, such as HTC Sensation, Desire, Samsung Galaxy S line etc.


The new Gala Bingo Mobile website supports the most popular smartphones, like iPhones (3, 3GS,4,4s,5), iPads(1,2,3,4,mini), The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7&10, Samsung Galaxy S2,S3,S4, Asus Transformer, HTC Desire + and also works on HTML 5 compatible web browsers.


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