The Top 3 Android Apps for 2017

With the recent advent of 2017, most of us are scrambling at the opportunity to get our hands on the newly launched gadgets and apps. After-all, how can we achieve any of our resolutions without the help of the latest technology? A well-constructed app can change your life for the better and even make you feel like you’ve got a certain aspect of your life under control. Given that, we’ve done some of the work for you by curating the top three android apps of 2017. If you’re looking for ways to improve the usability of your android, then you’ll want to read on and find out more about these nifty apps.



Another weather app? You bet! But, this particular app is not like any other weather app you’ve seen so far. It features a sleek interface and layout which makes it that much easier to use. However, what makes Morecast stand out from the stream of weather apps out there is its advanced, one-of-a-kind, technology. It provides some of the most accurate data on weather for a specified route or region, and even allows you to compare the weather in two different cities at the same time. Simply put, you can rely on Morecast to give you the most accurate weather forecast you need, whether you’re heading for a jog or travelling across the country. Considering Morecast is free to download, it’s surely worth having on your mobile device when the need for an accurate weather forecast arises. And, from personal experience, that’s a daily need.


Mobile Bingo

Yes, you read right: BINGO. Let’s preface this by saying that bingo is making a serious comeback in a really big way. In fact, bingo has grown exponentially in the last few years as one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. With a plethora of bingo sites available for fans of the game, it’s easy to find one that suits your specific needs. Plus, mobile bingo no deposit bonus options are available in abundance too, so you’ll get the chance to play bingo at absolutely no deposit when you sign up to one of these sites. It’s a fun, easy and versatile game to have on-hand, whether you’re looking to play for fun or potentially looking to bank in on some substantial jackpots. To take your pick from among the best mobile bingo options available this year, visit mobile bingo sites and find the right bingo for you! We promise, you’ll be thanking us the next time you finding yourself idle and bored in a waiting room.



If there’s one nuisance that stems from the advent of technology, it’s the increase in passwords we’re required to remember. We’re all forced to retain passwords for various applications and sites, and it tends to get overwhelming when you simply know it’s impossible to remember them all. That’s where Dashlane comes into play. Dashlane helps you store all of your passwords so that you can easily retrieve them in one spot the next time you need to use them. Better yet, Dashlane uses sophisticated coding so that the security of your information is never at risk. Besides passwords, you can also save receipts and other financial information easily, so that you can track your spending habits and be sure to have documents handy when you need them. Truly, this app will change your life!

Start the New Year with a fresh set of apps to help make life easier and, of course, more fun! It’s amazing what a smartly-designed and efficient app can do for day-to-day life, and these three are absolutely no exception to the rule. Enjoy!



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