The 5 Best Cooking Apps for Your Smartphones

Can you imagine what life would have been like if you didn’t have your smartphone? If the answer to this question was a (powerless) shrug, then let me tell you: it isn’t all that bad! In fact, our smartphones can turn from the scrolling devices that we know them for, to the best cooking companions. Yes, you’ve read it right, it is the smartphones (and laptops and tablets for that matter) that are the new 21st century cookbooks. Here is a list of the BEST cooking apps that will make your kitchen experience enjoyable and your dishes scrumptious.

1.    MyGreatRecipes

I will start with my all-time favorite food app. The fittingly named, MyGreatRecipes app, offers you precisely that: GREAT recipes. Not to mention the step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow that even those that have zero cooking experience can master any recipe. And I haven’t even gotten to the cool part yet! You can add your own recipes, create collections of your favorite ones, and share all of this with your friends and family. Find Android app here, and iOS here.

2.    BigOven

The second place is reserved for another very useful cooking app: BigOven. The sole fact that it features more than 350,000 recipes, makes it a must for everyone who wants to dabble in cooking. The main thing that got me hooked to this app, though, is their weekly organizer, the solution to easy meal planning.

3.    Yummly

I call this one the homebodies app. Don’t feel like going out? No worries, just click on each ingredient and create a shopping list to shop on Instacart, you will have everything you need within less than an hour. Another feature that I find particularly helpful is that this app will eventually start recommending recipes suited to your particular lifestyle and food preferences. Although some might find this feature limiting, since you might “miss” a recipe just because the app thinks you won’t like it, I think it is useful because it will prevent you from craving a scrumptious recipe that you cannot eat (say due to a particular food allergy).

4.    Epicurious

Not only is it full of all sorts of recipes (everything from simple to gourmet dishes), Epicurious has another feature that ensured its place on this list: the smart timer. No need to worry whether the food will come out under or overcooked, you have the timer for that. Apart from this, the section Expert Advice offers a range of good reads for any foodie out there.

5.    Pepperplate

Now, this is a food app that will play the role of the famous Note(cook)book (filled with handwritten recipes) your mom probably hides in one of the kitchen cabinets. Designed for storing recipes, this app is filled with people’s favorites and it is a place where you can find unique recipes, some of which have been in families for years. The app also allows for menus to be created, meal plans to be shared and recipes to be modified.


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