Vanquish the Evil Dragon King in Animoca Collective’s Cats vs Dragons

Cats vs DragonsCats are a popular choice for video game characters these days, and Cats vs Dragons from Animoca Collective is all about the kitties. The hero of the game goes by name of Lynx, and you’ll guide him on his quest to vanquish the evil Dragon King and rescue the kitty cats vs dragonsprincess.

Royal Cattery was a peaceful land with boundless supplies of mystical energy. Until the Dragon King swooped in and ruined Cattery’s bliss by capturing its Princess. Your job is to get her back, and save the crystal bearers in the process. Like in all good fables, the princess is being kept in a tower, so your journey is going to take you upwards through 240 treacherous floors.

Controlling Lynx is simple as you have two arrows – one for going forward and upwards while the other goes backwards and down. You also have to manage slots for skills and allies, but it’s simple and we’ll get to those in a minute. When you start a level, you basically want to march towards the enemies crystal at the top, defeating them as you go while keeping your crystal safe. Things start out simple enough, but some of the Dragon King’s minions are much tougher than others.catsvsdragons-2

As you progress through the world of Cats vs Dragons you’ll level up and have the chance to upgrade Lynx and his posse through coins earned during the game. Your allies are actually “Crystal Bearers” that were lost in battle trying to save the Princess, and as you unlock them they are free to fight on your squad. You can call into battle using cat food, and there are several kitty themed power-ups to use as well. Catnip will make you invincible while scrolls and moonstones can give the leg up in a stage.

I’ve always enjoyed Animoca’s games, and Cats vs Dragons is a slick little title that gamers young and old can enjoy. The cats are all voiced by humans which helps to give them personality, and the cartoonish style of the graphics suit the game to a T. There’s plenty to do as well with 240 floors and 60 levels of difficulty. Needless to say, it gets tough and pretty crazy as you get into the deeper levels. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Cats vs Dragons for free on Google Play.

Cats vs Dragons


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