Quick Review: Chegg App for Android

chegg logoIf you’re in college chances are you’ve heard of Chegg, the company that specializes in online textbook rentals chegg-app1and homework help among other things. Last week the Chegg app finally found its way to Google Play, and with school starting up we thought it was a great time to give the app a quick rundown.

The Chegg app offers student a wide range of services from textbook rentals (real and electronic), and study help to guided solutions. Once you fire up the app and log in you’re presented with a clean interface, and a search box to help you find guided solutions. You can search by subject, title, ISBN, etc…, and there’s a barcode scanner thrown in as well if you already know what you’re looking for.

There are a few samples you can peruse, and you’re given 2 free guided solutions each week. You get unlimited solutions if you’re a member of Chegg Study, but getting something for free is never a bad thing.chegg-app2 As it stands, the Chegg app will give you free 7-day access to your Chegg textbooks you’ve rented on the web as well as access to their archives of 2.5 million guided solutions.

The Chegg app has only been out since last week, and while it’s great to see it on Android it’s definitely a little rough around the edges. It’s missing some key features from the site, and while they are coming soon their e-reader could use some work as you have to do a lot of pinch-zooming and scrolling on a phone. That said, I didn’t test it on a tablet, so I’m sure it’s smoother on a bigger screen. Either way it’s nothing that can’t be tweaked, and when its finished the Chegg app should be an invaluable tool for students. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up the Chegg app for free on Google Play.

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