VyprVPN Free Secure VPN Android App Review

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I hope you were paying attention to what the world-renowned whistle-blower Edward Snowden had to say about big brother and online privacy. Basically, there is none, IF you don’t take counter-measures, in order to protect your digital life, or your digital self.

Enter VyprVPN Free Secure VPN, a cool Android app aimed at making you anonymous while surfing the world wide web. Why? Because it’s free and you don’t like Big Brother messing with your internet history, that’s why!

Long story short, the VyprVPN for Android is an absolutely free VPN (virtual private network that is) service which works on basically all your devices, not just on your droid/tablet or whatever. But since we’re an Android based blog, we put on emphasis on droids, right?

The free version of the VyprVPN, courtesy of Golden Frog, offers initially 500 MB of traffic for free, but there are additional plans available, priced of course, for unlimited data, if you want the full coverage.

The VyprVPN app will  keep all your internet traffic encrypted and anonymous and more. Just think about stuff like Dump Truck Cloud storage, services like VyprDNS, Cyphr or Chameleon (this is Golden Frog’s proprietary encryption algo/method), you’ll benefit from the whole package if you choose to pay for it.

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To begin with the free package, you’ll have to go and download the app from Google’s Play Store before you get started. The free VyprVPN app comes with the aforementioned 500 mb of traffic, along with 2 simultaneous VPN connections, Chameleon encryption and Live Chat/tech support 24/7/365. Sounds pretty good, right?

Why use the VyprVPN free app for Android? Well, there are loads of reasons for doing it: to protect your (fixed) IP address, your personal data when going online, to unblock restricted (geographical) websites like Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Google or Netflix and to be allowed to stream movies, games, regardless of your physical location.

Also, you will benefit from an encrypted Internet connection and you’ll preserve what we like to call a free and open Internet! The best thing about the VyprVPN for Android is that your data will be saved on Golden Frog owned servers, meaning there’s no third party involved in your business. And the company is based in Switzerland, you know, that translates into maximum protection for your personal data/privacy.

Just go for it, create your free VyprVPN account and change your online way of life today!

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