Why Are Android monitoring software better than the iPhone monitoring apps?

Perhaps a big difference that not many smartphone users would know is that it’s not just the specifications of the two mobile OS (Android and iOS) that differs, it’s also about what these mobile operating systems offer to the third party apps. Apple Inc. is very specific with what developers can do with its iOS, but as android being an OpenSource project, it allows a lot more customisation and experimentation to the developers. And both have their benefits and downsides. Our discussion is about why android monitoring software is better than iOS monitoring apps. You will get to know why.

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No Rooting required

Most of the android monitoring apps like xnspy, Flexispy, MobiStealth etc. don’t require rooting of the device, except for the use of some very specific features. That’s why you are able to make the maximum out of your monitoring app. But does it make android monitoring apps a preferable option over iPhone monitoring, partially, yes—but not entirely.

It’s a great advantage to those users who just want to download an app onto a device and start monitoring. Whereas, to make full use of all the features that android apps offer, iOS-based monitoring apps have to be jailbroken—which is pretty hectic for some people.

Why you shouldn’t be ditching your iPhones?

Saying all that it may be presumed that if you have to monitor your kids or employees, android is a better option. Well it has its benefits, but if people around you are iOS users, you still don’t need to provide them with new android phones. This is because iOS has major benefits of its own.

First, iOS devices are more secure than android devices and that’s exactly the reason android devices don’t require rooting—because—they are comparatively more vulnerable to outside threats.

Second, even if you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhones or iPads for monitoring purposes, you can still use the jailbreak-free version. However, the only big downside is that there are very limited features that are provided by the latter one.

What features can you avail with android monitoring software?

There are a lot of reasons why you should be using android monitoring software like XNSPY, like:

  • Monitoring of phone logs that include incoming, outgoing and missed calls; SMS, internet browser history, contacts and calendar entries
  • GPS monitoring of the target user. You can track real-time location using Xnspy. Geofencing is another important features, using that, you can limit your target users’ location within the prescribed boundaries.
  • IM monitoring. So that you are always aware of the target users’ online behaviour and activities. Using xnspy, you can track WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and Facebook Messenger.
  • Remote control of monitored device. You can lock the target device or wipe data from its phone storage using an app like XNSPY.

Android monitoring software are a better option for people who want advanced monitoring but procrastinate complex procedures.


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