WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts

The WeatherBug App is arguably one of the oldest, best known and prominent weather applications out there, as it’s been with us for quite a while. I even remember the good old days when I was using the WeatherBug App on my Windows desktop and I am well aware of the OS X dashboard widget and/or menu-bar app from the same period.

Time passed by and now the hugely popular WeatherBug App migrated to our smartphones, both in Android and iOS flavors. So, let’s take a look at what’s up with them, whether you’re a droid or iOS user. Since our website is focused on Android apps, let’s begin with the WeatherBug App for droids, shall we?



The first step is to go to Google’s Play Store, download and install the app and keep reading. To begin with, let me just say that the WeatherBug App for Android is the winner of the 2016 Best Weather App by AppyAwards. However, since this weather app is coming from a top developer like Earth Networks, I am not very shocked about the respective accolade. To tell you the truth, I really think it deserves it, because the WeatherBug App is one of my all time-favorites, as I already told you in the preamble and I think this baby was one of the first fully featured weather apps out there. Today, the WeatherBug App for Android is completely free of charge and that’s absolutely awesome in my book.

The app includes severe weather alerts, weather forecasts, widgets and even high-tech stuff,like traffic cams and live-weather, basically you can see the weather in real time, as things are happening and that’s very helpful, especially if confronted with severe meteorologic phenomena.

Together with providing you with a plethora of weather info, boasting its targeted and lightning fast alerts of dangerous weather, the WeatherBug App for Android also provides laser-accurate forecast data, including Lifestyle Forecasts, everything localized via your smartphone’s GPS sensor. The WeatherBug App for Android is packed to the brim with all sorts of cool features, including interactive maps and social media integration, for sharing weather alerts with your buddies on Facebook or Twitter. New features are coming with every update, the likes of Alert Notifications Manager or the Location Manager, but my favorite is the Spark Lightning Alerts, which lets you know about upcoming dangerous thunderstorms/severe weather conditions.


Now, let’s talk a little bit about the WeatherBug App for iOS. As usual, the first step is to visit iTunes and grab your weather app, install it on your iPhone or iPad or whatever you’re using and let’s start from here.

The idea is that the WeatherBug App for iOS is very similar to its Android sibling, what’s different is the platform. Just like with the droid version, the WeatherBug App for iOS is free to install and to download, but if you want to enjoy an ad-free experience, you can pay something like $3 per annum in order to skip those pesky ads.

As a person that suffers from seasonal allergies, I find the WeatherBug App for iOS an excellent source of news about the subject, along with the rest of the features one would expect from a weather app. In my personal experience, the WeatherBug App for iOS is great when it comes to delivering daily, hourly and even ten-day forecasts, being actually better than most, but what I find to be absolutely unique is the fact that this little app will provide you with the pollen index for the day. And the best thing is that it even mentions which allergy triggers are significant for the respective day.


There’s also an awesome connected-home thingy, that allows you to connect to your Honeywell, Nest of SmartThings hub for a comprehensive analysis of your daily energy consumption. As far as green apps get, the WeatherBug App for iOS is playing with the elves, believe me folks.

Even if you don’t have a connected thermostat, you can still receive educated guesses regarding your daily energy costs based on average electricity and gas prices, weather conditions and what your HVAC is programmed to do. In this regard, the WeatherBug App for iOS is the way to go, if you’re a concerned environmentalist.

Other than that, the WeatherBug App for iOS will bring at your fingertips all sorts of essential weather info, like real time pinpoint forecasts, an enhanced interactive map for visualizing weather conditions, spark lightning alerts, real time traffic conditions, life style forecasts and there’s even a Hurricane center. All the alerts and vital weather info can be sent directly to your Apple Watch if you were so inclined.




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