Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit

art.mogul-androidArt Mogul is a game that’s all about Art, and you get to play a globetrotting Art dealer that’s out to take over the Art world one painting at a time. We briefly talked about his one last week, and as promised we’re back with our Art Mogul

When you first fire up Art Mogul you’ll be taken through a nice tutorial that takes you through the basics of the game. Soon after that you’re on your own (if you pay) to explore the world and buy priceless works of art. In each city you’ll get access to a Gallery, Bank, Auction House, and Café. The Gallery is where you’ll buy and sell art while the Auction House lets you bid on paintings or take “requests” to find particular paintings for customers. The Café is interesting as it allows you to look for fakes via a spot the differences game, and you can also sell art through a mini-game. The Bank is pretty self-explanatory.

Buying and selling Art is where you’ll spend most of your time in Art Mogul, and the process is simple. Each city is looking for certain paintings, and to get the best price you’ll have to play hidden object mini-games that have you search for 2-3 objects per painting. There’s a hint feature is you get stuck, but things are fairly easy to find for the most part. The same hidden object formula is used throughout the game including at the Auction House and Café.art.mogul-2

The real stars of the game are the Paintings, and there are a lot of them to work your way through. If you’re familiar with Art in general, you’ll definitely recognize some of the famous artists’ names. There are around 21 different scenes in the game to go along with a whopping 430 pictures. You’ll also be able to buy Art Galleries in several of the 7 cities you’ll visit. If that’s not enough, there are 40 achievements to strive for as you make your way through the world of Art Mogul.Screenshot_2013-04-20-13-40-58


Art Mogul is one of the best Hidden Object games I’ve played, and the way it’s set up makes things interesting and quite a bit of fun. There are scores of paintings to dig through in your trek to become the greatest Art Dealer around, and it’s safe to say the game will keep you busy for quite some time.

It may be a little monotonous for some folks, but if you dig Art you’ll get sucked in quickly as you want to keep playing to see what paintings are coming next. I did experience a few crashes & glitches playing the game, but it hasn’t ruined the experience and hopefully G5 will address the issue shortly. Art Mogul is free to download and well worth checking out. If you like what you see you can pick up the full version G5 Entertainment’s Art Mogul for $1.99.

Art Mogul


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