Luke at the Stars Review: Tearing Down Buildings for Love

luke at the starsI love a game with an interesting premise, and the Alpaca Team certainly takes care of that in Luke at the Stars. It’s an artistic type of puzzler, and it’s a tale of lost love, stars, and collapsing buildings…luke at the stars android Luke is a lonely boy who decided to go out and visit the love of his life one night only to find her gone with only a “Dear John” letter tacked to her door for a goodbye. Understandably upset, Luke decided he needed to stare at the stars to clear his head, but unfortunately the buildings of the city are blocking his view of the stars. This is where you come in as it’s your job to clear the city skyline by removing floors so Luke can look at the Each level in Luke at the Stars requires you to clear matching floors as quickly as possible. If the yellow line on a building gets past the upper part of your screen it’s game over, luckily matching floors is pretty simple. You basically want to put similar floors next to each other under the same roof, and you’ll do this by touching floors from adjacent towers. If two or more floors look the same they’ll collapse, and you win whenever the stars are visible and only rooftops remain.

Things start out pretty easy in first few levels of Luke at the Stars, but the difficulty ramps up when new floors are thrown into the mix like the brick walls or bomb floors. The style of the game also makes it difficult to tell one floor from another at times as some will look remarkably similar but have minor differences. This makes things fun (and hectic) when the floors start getting high and you are looking to see if a window has curtains or


Luke at the Stars takes an artistic approach to things, and while the gameplay is a lot of fun, the music and melancholy mood of the game are the real stars of the show. The only downside to things is that there isn’t a whole lot of depth with only 10 levels at the moment to go along with an Endless Mode. That being said, it’s a game you won’t mind going back to play, and it’s an extremely cool take on the whole matching game genre. At the moment,  you can only get Luke at the Stars for tablets, but a phone version is coming soon along with a free demo. If you want to give it a whirl you can pick up Luke at the Stars for $1.99 on Google Play.

Luke at the Stars


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